We will be moving from the Bay area back to Colorado! Unfortunately, this also means sorting through all the stuff we have accumulated over the past couple of years. It’s amazing how much stuff we seem to acquire. The decision to move happened quickly, but if we’re going to do something, we give it some thought, decide, and do it. It helps that we don’t have any kids to worry about!

The big challenge is there is 2ish months until we move, one of which James will be in Vietnam (2 weeks of which I will also be there)! Woo Hoo! We are both so excited to go to Vietnam, but there’s a lot to do, and we’re moving 3 weeks before our wedding….no pressure.

Here is our list of how to approach moving!

1. Make a Bucket List – We are leaving San Francisco and there are a few things we still need to do. Our bucket list includes:

  • Hiking to the top of Mission Peak
  • Walking the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Visit the Jelly Belly Factory
  • Spend A Day in SF taking Pictures
  • Napa Valley Wine Train
  • Yosemite
  • Winchester Mystery House
  • Biscuits and Blues

We opened our calendars and scheduled our bucket list.

2. Determine What you Want to Keep – Yup. We have some nice furniture, but not nice enough to move and store it! We decided on the pieces we really wanted to keep and are giving the rest to our friends. Whatever our friends don’t want, we’ll sell.

3. De-Clutter – Going through and getting rid of items that just take up space! It’s amazing how your perspective on what you NEED versus what you WANT changes when you have to pack and lug it half way across the country! The thrift shop will be receiving some generous donations over the next few weeks.

It’s an exciting time and I can not wait to see what tomorrow holds.

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