The Unemployed Life of A Recent College Grad….

The conundrum is, even for an entry level position, people want you to have 2+ years of experience and generally speaking, people are applying for an entry level position because well, they are entry level and don’t have experience.  So, you need experience to get experience.

The truth of the matter is, I haven’t been on the job hunt that long (less than a month really) and already I am climbing the walls!  I’m not sure it’s possible for the apartment to be any cleaner, and in all honesty, I should be spending more time researching things for my wedding, but I am on this addictive job hunting binge where I do nothing and do not allow myself to do anything other than look for a job.  I got an interview! I thought it went pretty well, and though it was 2 days ago and they said they would get back to me in 1-2 weeks, I could almost taste success! That is how I landed where I am right now.

However, my road of unemployment has been an….interesting one:

At first, I found this meme on Pinterest, thought it was funny, chuckled a bit and moved on

Until…I found myself sending my friends this pic saying “Wine for Lunch? Why Yes, I am unemployed!”.


Then, there was the baking binge….

and a pretty tasty dinner of broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken with roasted tomatoes.




I’ve gotten quite good at growing basil, and now have way to much! Maybe I could bring a fresh bunch of basil to my next interview as I beg for them to choose me, have faith in ME (over every other recent college grad waiting in the lobby).



Then of course, there’s the eating your feelings part where you order the most decadent dessert at Cold Stone…..and have them add an extra brownie.




As it turns out, boredom breeds duck faces! (and possibly selfies) I found myself taking a duck face picture the other day and the number of selfie pics on my phone has increased exponentially.  Fortunately, I have not progressed to the point where I post any of these pictures on the internet.


My social media has blossemed! I now have a Twitter (you can follow me @ElisseAimee) and check out my new board on Pinterest! ( My other boards have also seen significant improvement so, I suggest perusing them as well.


I think my photography skills are about to get a boost cause I’m gonna go photo crazy this weekend with my AWESOME camera!!!! (A graduation gift ironically enough) It’s a Canon EOS 6D and I LOVE IT! I’ve started shooting in manual so, we’ll see what creative images I capture.